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Igreja de São Francisco in Porto

Igreja de São Francisco (The Church of São Francisco) is a Gothic church located in the city of Porto, Portugal. It is one of the most important historical and architectural monuments in the city and a popular tourist destination. The church was built in the 14th century and is known for its ornate decoration and intricate details.

The Church of São Francisco is noted for its ornate gilded altarpiece, which is considered one of the greatest examples of Baroque art in Portugal. The altarpiece is made of wood is covered in gold leaf, and features a variety of sculptures, carvings, and other decorations. The church's interior is also adorned with other works of art, including frescoes, azulejos (Portuguese tiles), and stained glass windows.

São Francisco Church

The church is also known for its catacombs, which are located beneath the church. These catacombs were used as a burial place for the Franciscan monks who built and ran the church. The catacombs are open to the public and offer a glimpse into the past and the history of the church.

The Church of São Francisco is considered an important architectural and cultural landmark in Porto, and a must-see destination for visitors interested in history, architecture, and art. The church is located in the historic center of Porto, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which makes it a great spot for those who want to explore the city's history and culture. If you are looking for a safe area to stay, check out our selection of quality apartments in Flowerstreet54, right in the historic center of Porto, or our low-budget apartments OPorto Cheers Gaia in the heart of Gaia. You can easily explore the city and its attractions on foot thanks to our convenient and safe location in Porto or by car in our safe location in Gaia.


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