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Café majestic in Porto

Magestic Cafe Porto

The Majestic Café is a historic and iconic café located on Santa Catarina Street in Porto, Portugal.. It has been in existence since 1921 and is considered a treasure of Portugal's art nouveau style. Here are some reasons why the Majestic Café is a must-visit destination in Porto:

  • Art Nouveau architecture: The building is from the Art Nouveau period and is reminiscent of Parisian cafés at the time. The café maintains its 1920's beauty and is considered a stunning example of Portugal's art nouveau style1.

  • National historical interest: The café was considered a building of national historical interest in 1983 and underwent major restoration works. It reopened in July 1994 in the original Belle Époque style2.

  • Iconic destination: Since the 1980s, the Majestic Café has become an iconic destination in Porto and is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike21.

  • Location: The café is located on Santa Catarina Street, the main pedestrian walkway in the city, making it easily accessible to visitors3.

  • History: The café opened on December 17, 1921, under the name Café Elite, which functioned as a private club. It was later renamed the Majestic Café and has since become a symbol of Porto's cultural heritage4.

  • Beauty and elegance: The Majestic Café is known for its beauty and elegance, with its ornate decorations, chandeliers, and mirrors51.

  • Heritage café: The Majestic Café is a heritage café in Porto, and its façade is a protected monument3.

In conclusion, the Majestic Café is a must-visit destination in Porto, Portugal. Its art nouveau architecture, national historical interest, iconic status, location, history, beauty and elegance, and heritage café status make it a unique and memorable experience for visitors.

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