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Serralves Museum - Porto

The Serralves Museum in Porto is a modern art museum that houses one of the most important private collections in Portugal. The museum is located in Serralves Park, which is a public park that is close to the center of Porto.

Serralves Museum - Old House

The museum was established in 1989 and is part of the Serralves Foundation, which was founded in 1983 by the Countess of Edla, a well-known philanthropist in Porto. The museum features a variety of contemporary art exhibitions, as well as a permanent collection of modern and contemporary art from around the world.

The museum also has a library and an auditorium, which hosts various events throughout the year. The museum also offers educational programs for children and adults, as well as a variety of workshops and classes.

Serralves museum - Contemporary

The Serralves museum is a great place to experience modern and contemporary art in Porto. The museum is home to some of the best art collections in Portugal and is a great place to explore the city’s cultural heritage. The museum also offers a variety of educational programs and events that are sure to be enjoyed by all visitors.

The Serralves Museum also features a Tree Top, which is an interactive experience that allows visitors to explore the park from a different perspective. The Tree Top is located on a 10-meter-high platform and is accessible via a circular staircase. Visitors can take in the beautiful views of the park from the top of the tree and get a unique perspective of the city.

Tree Top - Serralves

The Tree Top experience is a great way to explore the park and get a unique view of the city from a different angle. It is a great way to experience the nature and beauty of the park without having to do any strenuous activities. If you are looking for a safe area to stay, check out our selection of quality apartments in Flowerstreet54, right in the historic center of Porto (and one large apartment in Matosinhos Beach), or our low-budget apartments OPorto Cheers Gaia in the heart of Gaia. You can easily explore the city and its attractions on foot thanks to our convenient and safe location in Porto or by car in our safe location in Gaia.


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