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The House of Music (Casa da Música) in Porto

The House of Music (Casa da Música) is a concert hall and cultural center located in the city of Porto, Portugal. It was designed by the Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas and was opened in 2005. The building is known for its striking modern architecture and has become a symbol of the city's cultural revival.

The House of Music features two concert halls, the Great Hall (Grande Auditório) and the Small Hall (Pequeno Auditório), as well as a variety of other spaces for rehearsals, exhibitions, and other events. The Great Hall is the main concert hall and is known for its excellent acoustics and modern design. It has seating for 1,300 people and is used for a wide range of performances, including classical music, jazz, and pop. The Small Hall has seating for 300 people and is used for chamber music, recitals, and other smaller-scale performances.

Casa da Musica - Porto

The House of Music is also home to the National Orchestra of Porto Casa da Música, the resident orchestra of the concert hall. The orchestra regularly performs at the House of Music and also tours internationally.

The House of Music also features a music education center and a music library, as well as a café and a restaurant. The building also houses a gift shop and an exhibition space. The House of Music is considered one of the most iconic cultural centers in Portugal and a must-see destination for music lovers. If you are looking for a safe area to stay, check out our selection of quality apartments in Flowerstreet54, right in the historic center of Porto (and one large apartment next to this terminal), or our low-budget apartments OPorto Cheers Gaia in the heart of Gaia. You can easily explore the city and its attractions on foot thanks to our convenient and safe location in Porto or by car in our safe location in Gaia.


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